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Welcome to Helping Paws. We are a group of people who raise money to help our animal friends. 

We have rehomed nearly 400 dogs and 20 cats and kittens. We have raised a staggering £195,000 since our inception four years ago and every penny (apart from the cost of one cheap storage unit every month) goes to help animals in need. We've helped animals in need across Europe.

No wages, no overheads, no shareholders - just a group of people working tirelessly to help animals. 


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Our outdoor events season is finished for this year now.


We've still got our online 'Buy It Now' shop and our world-famous facebook auction will be back in November.  




​Since we were formed in 2013 we have worked hard to ensure the welfare and safety of animals across the world. Here is just a taster of what we have achieved: 

  • Brought over nearly 400 dogs from Spain & Portugal for re-homing

  • Contributed to neutering schemes for dogs and cats in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Cyprus & Italy

  • Helped donkeys in Cyprus

  • Paid for specific projects at the overseas animal sanctuaries we work with

  • Paid vets bills for individual animals

  • Sent food, medical supplies & toys overseas

  • Provided food donations to UK rescues

  • Helped with neutering and vets bills for UK rescues

  • Helped to rescue animals from the most appalling conditions

We are not a registered charity, so we rely solely on our fundraising events and the generosity of our "Pawsters". No donation is too small as every penny goes to help the animals. 

Many of our Pawsters have also rehomed dogs and cats from different shelters - check out our rehoming page to find out more. 





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Animal Communication
Reiki for humans

"Over the years I have spent a lot of time overseas and as an animal lover often found myself rescuing abused, sick or abandoned animals.


About fifteen years ago, I was in Portugal and spotted a poor little dog shivering in the corner. She was so thin and her eyes looked so sad, I knew I couldn’t simply feed and leave her so I took her back to the villa I was staying in. She was a wreck, filthy dirty, with cigarette burns and chewing gum stuck to her coat. She allowed me to bath her and tolerated sitting on my lap for strokes but did not stop trembling and looking anxiously around the room.


By chance, the friend I was staying with had an Italian lady also staying in the villa – she spoke no English. This lady saw me with the little dog, quietly came over and without saying a word placed her hands over the dog – without touching her. The result was quite literally life changing for me. That dog let out an enormous sigh and fell fast asleep, totally relaxed for the first time in I don’t know how long.


The plan was for little Rato (which means mouse in Portuguese) to come back to the UK to live with me but in the six months required for quarantine she stayed with Judy, a dear friend of mine. Those two ladies fell in love and it would have been impossible to separate them, so Rato stayed with Judy until she died – by chance on the very same day as I started my Healing Animals Diploma Course – I have often wondered if she felt her work here was done!

What I witnessed that day got me thinking and I came back to the UK wondering if I too could help animals in the same way as that the wonderful Italian lady had done. Shortly after that I discovered Reiki and became a practitioner for humans. Some years later through my work with the RSPCA I heard about Elizabeth Whiter and the Healing Animals Organisation – another life changing experience.


I went on to complete the diploma course in small animals and finally found a way of combining the knowledge I had gained over the years. A fellow student on the course recommended James French and the Trust Technique which lead me to animal communication – another light bulb moment.


That is my story so far but I am sure it has only just begun and I know I owe it all to that one little dog!



We attend various events throughout Sussex every year to raise funds for Helping Paws


We regularly hold online auctions/sales with some fantastic items - check out our Facebook page to find out what is coming up. 


We are always looking to welcome new volunteers and "Pawsters" to our group. If you love animals, want to make a real difference and have some time to give with organising events, home visits, liasing with transporters etc. then we would love to hear from you. 






7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Monday - Saturday

All of our volunteers have full time jobs, so there is sometimes a delay in responding to your message


We are always looking for foster homes and of course forever homes for animals who need love.

If you are interested please get in touch to find out what is involved. 

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